DRACK - WIPProject page for Drack from Mass Effect Andromeda
MEGATON HAMMER - OCARINA OF TIMEMegaton Hammer from the game Zelda - Ocarina of time.
Custom Hoku Eyesthese are custom prosthetic eyes made by Hoku
LADY SYLVANASThe Dark Lady- Warcraft
DESTINY TITANDestiny Titan, Armor is the original armor Titans wore in the beta.
DESTINY HUNTERDestiny Hunter, design is the beta armor and equipment hunters used.
DESTINY: LIGHT BEYOND NEMESISLight Beyond Nemesis helmet made by me, the rest of the costume was by https://www.facebook.com/pancakepow/
DARK HELMET#nerdslikeus
FEMALE DARK HELMETThis is the gender bend female Dark Helmet I put together for Leanna Vamp. I made the armor helmet and ring.
CASEY JONESCasey Jones mask loosely based off my interpretation of Dave Rapozas hyper realistic Casey Jones.
AQUAMAN TRIDENTThis project was for the amazing tattoo artist John Devilman. He needed a 7.5ft tall trident. Project was a rush job and completed in two days.
LIGHTSABER WOLVERINE CLAWSI made these claws for the amazing Wolverine Cosplayer - Lonstermash