Trevor Belmont

Behind the cosplay

After many of our friends told us how amazing the Castlevania Netflix series was amazing. When we finally got around to binging the show we immediately fell in love with the characters and costume designs. We also were happy to finally cosplay a couple that are actually canon. 

costume construction

The best part about constructing Trevor was picking out the materials. Sammy while watching the show, turned to me and adamantly proclaimed that she wanted to make this costume for me and to use real leather for the armor. 

This was the first full set of leather armor that we tackled and we were incredibly happy with the results. All of the vectors and patterns for the armor were designed by myself and constructed using a combination of buckles and rivets. The leather we used was 4-6 ounce and was dyed using (**CHAD INSERT HERE). The best part of it all? All the pouches were actually functional. d(-_^)

The tunic, butt cape (we don’t actually know the correct term?), and cloak were all made of medium/heavy weave linen. The pants were made of micro suede. 


The Morning Star was 3D modeled by Kurokami Props and 3D printed by me out of ESUN PLA+. We primed it all using (**CHAD INSERT), and painted with (**CHAD INSERT). 

I had originally thought of 3D printing the throwing knifes, but I have a lot of experience with wood working and had left over walnut lying around the shop. I did a test with one and ended up loving the results so I decided to make them all out of real wood.