SLA 3d Printing Services

Below is a breakdown of the SLA 3d printing services that we offer.

SLA 3D Printing Services: Here at HokuProps we are equipped to handle most SLA 3D Print Jobs. Pricing is broken down as follows:

first 2 hours are $10.00/hour this covers setup, post processing and cleanup. Printing time longer than 2 hours drops down to $3.00/hour

Our SLA Printing services are most often used to produce prints that have higher resolution requirements and smaller dimensions, an example of this is seen on the left with the blue crystal and disk elements. The silver elements are however FDM printed. We often SLA print Rings, Jewelry, Gems. Another example of something often printed on our SLA printers are small figures for tabletop games. An example of something which would not be printed on our SLA printers would be Large armor pieces and prop weapons. If you are interested in larger printed pieces then check out our FDM printing service by clicking (here)

Most SLA print jobs will be printed in standard resin which has minimal shrinkage but is more fragile. Another type of resin which can be printed in would be Tough resin which has higher strength properties but higher levels of shrinkage.

to view a sample of our SLA printers at work please click (here)


We use several different FDM Printers in our shop, you can find them listed as well as links to purchase your own below.


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