FDM 3d Printing Services

Below is a breakdown of the FDM 3d printing services that we offer.

FDM 3D Printing Services: Here at HokuProps we are equipped to handle most FDM 3D Print Jobs. Pricing starts at $5 an hour.

Our FDM Printing services are most often used to produce prints that have lower resolution requirements and larger dimensions, an example of this is seen here of a full size shoulder pad. Another example would be weapons, and shields. If you have a smaller piece that has minimal details that can also be 3d printed. Something which would not be printed on our FDM printed would be small figured and fine jewelry pieces such as Rings, Necklaces, and Small Figures intended for table top games. If you are interested in highly details small pieces then check out our SLA printing service by clicking (here)

Most FDM print jobs will be printed in Esun filaments. We have found Esun filaments to provide us with very good results and minimal issues.

Types of Fillaments most often used

 PLA+:  has minimal shrinkage and is incredibly easy to use, we use this often to maximize efficiency and ensure the best quality results. If you are interested in purchasing PLA+ you can find it (here)

PET-G: has minimal shrinkage but is prone to stringing. Its ability to print detail is slightly worse than PLA+ but it is incredibly strong, we use this most often for parts that have any sort of mechanical use or will have any sort of force applied to it. If you are interested in purchasing PET-G you can find it (here)

ABS: Has very high levels of shrinkage, we rarely print with ABS anymore due to finding equivalent strength properties in PET-G filament without the many difficulties of printing in ABS. If you are interested in purchasing ABS+ you can find it (here)

to view a sample of our FDM printers at work please click (here)


We use several different FDM Printers in our shop, you can find them listed as well as links to purchase your own below:

Creality CR-10:

The Creality CR-10 is probably the best bang for your buck printer to get you started on your 3D printing journey. This printer can be found on average around $400

Click here to buy the Creality CR-10

Flashforge Creator Pro:

The Flashforge Creator Pro is a mid level 3d printer, it is priced at just under $800 but is a very reliable and solid system, this is the printer you want to purchase if you want to print parts that will have mechanical uses since the printer can be sealed to retain heat as well as having higher bed temperature and nozzle temperature potential. Additionally the Flashforge Creator Pro has dual extrusion nozzles, this enables you to easily setup multiple colors prints as well as the biggest strength is that it enables its user to print in soluble support material. This soluble support material enables the user to disolve the 3d print supports after the print is finished without having the tedious and sometimes impossible job of removing the supports. Imagine 3d printing a bearing and having to remove the encapsulated support material.

Click here to buy the Flashforge Creator Pro

RAISE3D Pro 2:

The Raise3D Pro 2 is a high end 3D printer aimed at the experienced 3D printing user. It has dual extruders, a large build volume and is designed to minimize user maintenance. The Raise 3D Pro 2 takes all of the strengths of the Creality CR-10, and the strengths of the Flashforge Creator Pro and combines them. Buy this printer if you want to purchase a single printer than will be able to handle most any of your 3D printing requirements.

Click here to buy the RAISE3D Pro 2


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