cyberpunk costume

Our original concept Cyberpunk CORSAIR costume for CES 2020 was an artistic feat of engineering for the HokuProps team.

For this costume, we combined elements of the cyberpunk universe with our design skills in modeling, engineering, and foamwork.

Shots of this costume, worn by Chad Hoku, blend the cyberpunk design with real world settings to make for some truly epic photos!

The Cyberpunk Arm is made by cutting TNT Cosplay Supply foam dowel shapes in half length-wise and laser engraving intricate patterning along its length to mimic flexible conduit sectioning.

The LED Eye prosthetic driven by an Adafruit Industries Neopixel and encapsulated with dental acrylic resin.

see you at ces2020

This costume was worn by Chad Hoku of HokuProps to CES 2020 where we got the chance to showcase our work in the real world. Thanks for the opportunity, Corsair!