Project Ebon Blade: Chain 3D model v2 (DIGITAL FILE)



This listing is for a 3d model of a Common type chain found on numerous designs from Project Ebon Blade. The design of this chain is for aesthetic purpose only and will not serve as a functional belt buckle. This listing is not for any tangible product and requires you to either print yourself or have this model printed for you from an outside party. Furthermore, the use of this model is for you and you alone. This is not for reproduction outside of your own personal projects and use. Make sure you check the file dimensions before printing to make sure the scale is correct. Good luck and have fun,

Important: This listing is for personal use only and not for resale, by purchasing this listing you agree to not sell/exchange/ or transfer in any way the files purchased here to another person. You also agree to not print, sell, or give physical copies to any other person.