holiday matsuri 2021

cosplay winter crown

Holiday Matsuri commissioned us to create the awards for the Winter Cosplay Crown Championships. What better than to create actual crowns?

We created this crown using concept design inspiration from the convention themes of holly and festive detailing. A 3D model was rendered and then we got to work on printing and finishing.

Not only did we create a crown for the Winter Cosplay Crown winners, but we created several backups just in case! 

The crowns were printed in resin and finished with Rub N Buff paint and oil wash weathering. The gems are again printed in resin – in fact, it’s the same blue resin as the UCC x HolMat trophy swirls for consistency across all competitions in the Holiday Matsuri circuit.

We really like the concept of an actual crown for the winner of a Crown Championship contest, and the final results were a perfect mix of holiday themed detailing and regal design work. 

congrats to all the winners!

Each category winner took home a crown and snowglobe, but the real showstoppers for the evening were the Sisters of Battle cosplay team. When the crown was placed on their head, they leaned over – and the crown promptly hit the floor and shattered in spectacular fashion. Fortunately, we create spares for these moments, and the team got to relish in their victory while we retrieved a spare crown in the back. The picture to the right is the exact moment when the crown shattered and Chad Hoku came in to save the day!