Riot Games

LCS Champions Queue 2023


For Riot Games’ LCS Champions Queue – Spring Split, we at Hoku Props channeled our craftsmanship to create an award that embodies the spirit of competition and the legacy of Riot Games. As participants from across North America dive into this unparalleled competitive experience, they vie not only for the title but also for a meticulously crafted symbol of excellence that awaits the ultimate victor.

Contest Overview

Hosted on a dedicated Discord server, the Champions Queue is not just another matchmaking platform. It’s a battleground where the best players come to test their mettle, refine their skills, and vie for supremacy.

From Logo to REality

The journey of crafting the LCS Champions Queue award began with the emblematic helmet from the champion’s queue logo. Our vision was to breathe life into this symbol, transforming it from a mere graphic into a tangible, wearable masterpiece. Every contour, every detail was meticulously sculpted, ensuring that the helmet would not only be a symbol of victory but also a testament to the artistry behind it.

A Palette of Victory

The choice of colors was crucial in capturing the essence of the Champions Queue. We opted for Createx candy purple and gold, mirroring the logo’s color palette. This combination not only resonates with the brand but also exudes an aura of regality and triumph. The helmet, while a symbol of might and power, is also a wearable piece, allowing the winner to don their victory and wear their achievement with pride.

A Nexus of craftsmanship

The helmet’s resting place is no ordinary stand. Drawing inspiration from League’s ultimate win condition, we designed a nexus well, crowned with a radiant gem. This nexus well is more than just a visual delight; it’s an immersive experience. LEDs illuminate the well and gem from within, creating a pulsating flow of power, symbolizing the very heartbeat of the game. Engraved into the surface of the well pool is the wreath from the logo, adding another layer of significance and connection to the Champions Queue. The front plate proudly displays the 2023 Spring Season winner’s name, “APA”, etched for eternity. To further enhance its authenticity and depth, the well is adorned with weathered brick tiles and embellished with faux moss accoutrements, grounding the award in a rich tapestry of textures and details.

Second Place - A Symbol of Resilience

For those who come close to the pinnacle, the second-place medal serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and skill. This medal is a finely crafted, smaller rendition of the iconic helmet, capturing its intricate details. At its heart lies a radiant purple gem core, symbolizing the inner fire and passion of the competitor.

Third Place - A Badge of Honor

The journey to the top is filled with challenges, and every step is an achievement. The third-place medal celebrates this spirit of perseverance. It features a meticulously embossed helmet on its front surface, a nod to the emblematic symbol of the Champions Queue, and a mark of the competitor’s dedication to the game.